Clearing Temples: Minions

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Clearing Temples: Minions

Post by DoctoreOenomaus on Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:53 pm

When considering which Titan to kill, you must also check out all of the other Titan's minions. There are two minions that we have to look for when choosing an order to clear a temple for one of our guildies, the Cloud monster and the Cauldron Fiend. If a Titan has two of the hard minions, take them out first even if they are Understudy or Skeleking.

Fucking Cloud Monster

How to Kill:
Cloud monster is immune to all physical damage and not only that it has a shield that basically makes him immune for a period of time. Save your active skills for when shields are down and use magic-based heroes such as:

  • Snap Dragon
    his true dmg skill will slowly deal damage but also finish cloud monster off when health is low enough
  • Understudy
    A strong single target active magic skill and a passive multi-target magic skill
  • Ninja
    takes care of the minions in the back as well as dealing magic damage from his active skill
  • Dark Dracul
    a slow passive multi-target magic skill that will deal a good amount of damage if timed correctly after shields are down
  • Faerie Dragon
    Her purple skill increases intellect of other heroes, which increases magic damage done. She has an active skill that can be charged up while shields are active on cloud.
  • Cyclops Shaman
    a strong DoT magic damage that can help a bit more than other heroes but also charges their active skill with his purple skill.

Cauldron Fiend

How to Kill:
Having a heavy tank like SnapDragon or brozerker and all of your damage from rear/mid line will be the best option

I will make your temple harder if you mess mine up if you take out an easier titan wave because you couldn't do the right order! There will be warnings for offenders, repeated offenders will be kicked and are welcome back to join if they seek help to improve.


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